How do I know if I am ready to take the CLEP exam?
You should discuss your readiness to take the CLEP exam with your advisor.

How can I prepare myself to take the CLEP exam?
CLEP Official Study Guides are available for purchase on the College Board website. Other CLEP exam preparation materials are sold in larger bookstores. Libraries may have some test guides.

Will I find out immediately if I passed the exam?
For most exams you will receive a score report on the day of the exam. Exams with an essay component are only graded once monthly, so you will not get the score report on test day.

What if I start an exam and I am unable to complete it?
You have the option of leaving an exam without reporting the scores. Ask the test administrator for details.

What if I have a disability?
Contact the Accessibility Resource Services Office in advance at 315.312.3358 to arrange for accommodations.

Will there be breaks or rest periods?
Unless you are receiving accommodations for a specific disability, no rest period is authorized.

If I don't score high enough on the exam, may I retake it next month?
CLEP requires that a test taker wait 90 days to retake an exam.  


Note - The college will award credit for examinations in Business. However, the School of Business will not grant CLEP credit within the major for core courses and they may not be used for Wellness Management cognates.

The "Minimum Score," "Semester Hours," and "Course Equivalent" columns listed here apply specifically to the awarding of credit by Oswego State University. If you are submitting scores to another college or program, check that institution's policy for the awarding of credit for CLEP tests.

It is your responsibility to register for and take the correct exam.