Graduates of our online broadcasting degree can go on to a variety of careers in the media field, that include traditional or electronic broadcasting, advertising, business, corporate communication, public relations, journalism or technology fields. Our broadcasting and mass communication program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the evolving mass media industries including radio, television, cable, film the Internet and multimedia.

Enrollment qualifications

This program is open to individuals who have earned an associate degree in broadcasting, radio/TV, mass communications, media studies, or similar programs at accredited colleges or universities. Most, if not all, lower division required courses should have been completed while earning the associate degree -- if so, it is possible to take all the required upper-division courses from broadcasting faculty online.

This program, including all electives and other required courses outside the major, can be taken online, either from SUNY Oswego or other SUNY campuses through the SUNY Learning Network.

No associate degree?

Without an associate degree, you will need to first complete certain classroom and lab-based coursework at the Oswego campus or another accredited college or university offering appropriate courses and facilities. Our online program is designed for students who have already completed their lower division requirements in programs similar to Oswego's broadcasting and mass communication major.

Although it may be possible to complete this program in two years of full-time study, we have designed and intended the online broadcasting major as a part-time degree program (6 credit hours per term). Time to completion will vary from individual to individual.

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