Webe Celine Kadima

Topic description: 
  • My research program focuses on the investigation of the anti-diabetes activity of medicinal plants used to treat diabetes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We conduct clinical studies in the DRC to obtain experimental evidence of the anti-hyperglycemic action in humans; at SUNY Oswego, we conduct biochemical studies to determine the mechanism of action of the plants. Our aim is to develop plant extract-based anti-diabetes products that are efficacious, safe and affordable by individuals living in resource-poor environments. Furthermore, we are attempting to isolate and characterize the bioactive chemical compounds, some of which might prove to be new and better than those that exist on the world market. Naturally, we have learned about the pathogenesis, pathophysiology and treatment of Diabetes.  
  • All aspects of equity, inclusion and diversity of women in STEM disciplines in academia.

Post-doc.: University of California-Riverside, biochemistry

Doctorate: University of Alberta, analytical chemistry

M.S..: University of Montreal, physical chemistry

B.S.: University of Montreal, chemistry