Thomas F. Bertonneau

Topic description: 
  • Poets, painters, and composers articulate the fundamental organizing symbols of a society; art is the self-consciousness of a community.
  • A genuine popular culture existed in the USA before 1950: in fiction monthlies, vaudeville, radio, and movies. After 1950, entertainment culture swamped popular culture.
  • Conservatism is usually identified with the GOP; in fact, conservatism is a theory of moral order with its roots in Greek and Hebrew thinking.
  • Myth, art, and propaganda are three categories that educated people need to distinguish from one another as sharply as possible. Much of what today passes for art is merely myth or propaganda.
  • How the Vikings melted and disappeared: what student writing errors tell us about the condition of social literacy
  • Student writing-errors are symptomatic of deeply seated disorders in modern education. Such errors suggest that successive cohorts of young people are progressively less able to process the richness of reality, a trend that has powerful implications for the future of our society.