Tiffany Deater

Adjunct Instructor


304D Marano Campus Center

Office hours

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
12:40 - 1:40
or by appointment

Classes taught


CSS 235/810



211 Marano CC

CSS 395/800 MWF 1:50-2:45 211 Marano CC
ENG 486/800



315 Park Hall

CSS 235 INTRO TO CINEAM PRODUCTION-Introduction to Cinema Production presents the basic concepts, techniques, and processes of cinema production. Throughout the course the student will learn how to write, storyboard, shoot, and edit an electronic motion picture. Digital post production processes will be introduced. Narrative, documentary, and experimental theories will be discussed, and the students will participate in directing and producing a final short film for a public screening.

CSS 395/800 CINEMA AND THE ENVIRONMENT-Environmental films will be seen as texts to be understood from cultural, historical, and political perspectives. The course will use a rhetorical approach for understanding environmental films by analyzing audience, context, and purpose.  It will challenge students to apply critical thinking skills as they construct arguments related to themes and topics presented in environmental films. This course will ask:  How does the artistic process influence representations of environment in film? How does the film medium construct meaning around environmental issues?  What are the implications?

ENG 486 WORLD CINEMA-A history and examination of, as well as an engagement with, cinema as a global phenomenon. The course will explore the idea, effects and institutions of many different cinemas, growing in different parts of the world, as these constitute both a single, global phenomenon and a set of independent existences and resistances. Note: Course is repeatable for credit. Repeatable for a total of 9 credits.

Prerequisite: Upper division standing or instructor permission.