Tiffany Deater

Assistant Professor


304D Marano Campus Center

Office hours

FALL 2019
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
10:30 - 11:15
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Classes taught


CSS 395/800



211 Marano CC
CSS 496/810 W 6:00-9:00 322 Marano CC
ENG 486/800



315 Park Hall

CSS 395 SPECIAL TOPICS: VIDEO ART- The sixties were an era of progressive change in the United States. The civil rights movement, women’s rights, and anti- war sentiments proliferated new ideas about the world and essentially led to a new way of existence. This period in time also gave birth to the video artists; people who saw video as an alternative form of cultural communication. This collective of artists were able to display the strengths of the video medium by creating new and innovative sensory experiences.

This course will examine video as an art form and a process. We will begin with the 1960’s and the creation of the first video portapacks.  We will watch and discuss the works of artist such as Nam June Paik, Fluxus, Raindance Corporation, and Videofreex.

CSS 496 SENIOR THESIS: The Senior Thesis seminar provides advanced CSS students with an opportunity to collectively reexamine the practical, theoretical, and historical bases of their screen education while at work on their particular, culminating projects. Participants explore recent scholarship on the state of the discipline and directions for research and creative work. 

ENG 486 WORLD CINEMA: A history and examination of, as well as an engagement with, cinema as a global phenomenon. The course will explore the idea, effects and institutions of many different cinemas, growing in different parts of the world, as these constitute both a single, global phenomenon and a set of independent existences and resistances. Note: Course is repeatable for credit. Repeatable for a total of 9 credits.

Prerequisite: Upper division standing or instructor permission.


CSS 111/8CF



323 Marano CC

CSS 395/800 M 3:00-6:00 175 Shineman
ENG 388/800



323 Marano CC
175 Shineman

CSS 111 FIRST YEAR PRACTICUM-A project-based introduction to critical filmmaking.  Students are asked to solve a series of practical problems, critically reflect upon their ways of working and forms of thought, consider the wider implications of those ways and forms, and revisit the problems with alternative solutions in mind.

CSS 395/800 CINEMA AND THE ENVIRONMENT-Environmental films will be seen as texts to be understood from cultural, historical, and political perspectives. The course will use a rhetorical approach for understanding environmental films by analyzing audience, context, and purpose.  It will challenge students to apply critical thinking skills as they construct arguments related to themes and topics presented in environmental films. This course will ask:  How does the artistic process influence representations of environment in film? How does the film medium construct meaning around environmental issues?  What are the implications?

ENG 388 FILM GENRE-A history and analysis of film genre. The course will examine the notion of film genre as distinct from other notions of genre, in particular, literary genre. Special attention will be paid to horror, melodrama, film noir, musicals, science fiction, and teen pics.  Prerequisite: ENG 286 or minimum sophomore standing, or instructor permission.