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Mary Hess

Adjunct Instructor


312 Marano Campus Center

Office hours

Fall 2017
Monday & Wednesday
11:30 - 12:30
or by appointment

Mary Hess

Classes taught

Fall 2017 Courses

ENG 102/880 MWF 12:40-1:35 228C Hewitt Union
ENG 220/800 MWF 10:20-11:15 306 Marano CC

ENG 102-Practice in college level writing, includes preparation of a research paper.

ENG 220-Using examples from popular culture, social media, film, television, novels and popular trends as the “text”, this course examines what effect our culture has on modern media and vice versa. Students will take a deeper look at what it means to be human and interact with the world, as it exists today. Specific topics will be examined using zombie lore, fairytales in popular culture and much more!