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Joshua Adams

Assistant Professor

309 Marano Campus Center

Office hours

Fall 2016
Monday & Wednesday
10:00 - 11:30
or by appointment

Joshua Hunter Adams is a film/digital film production professor who has worked (and continues to work) in the film and television industry, from Eastern Canada to Los Angeles California. His areas of specialty are: no-budget film production, location filmmaking, directing, the Hollywood model, screenwriting (the Sequence Approach) and digital production. He has also served as Director of the SUNYWide Film Festival. He lives currently lives in Oswego with his dogs and two amazing kids.

Classes taught

Fall 2016 Courses

CSS 235/800 TR 2:20-3:40 212 Park Hall
CSS 391/800 W 3:00-6:00 315 Park Hall
CSS 395/810 TR 11:10-12:30 315 Park Hall

CSS 235/800-This course presents the basic concepts, techniques, and processes of cinema production. Throughout the course the student will learn how to write, storyboard, shoot, and edit an electronic motion picture. Digital post production processes will be introduced. Narrative, documentary, and experimental theories will be discussed, and the students will participate in directing and producing a final short film for a public screening.

CSS 391/800-Film Practicum is an intensive, cerebral and physical exercise in the various approaches to filmmaking and videography. This course takes both conventional and experimental paths to help students expand their creative horizons. Students should expect to be “in production” constantly during the semester.

CSS 395/810-Students will direct specific set-pieces through where they will learn to understand how camera placement, lighting and sound will let the action speak to the audience in the way the filmmaker intends.

The class will also allow the students the opportunity to develop their ability to connect with actors to fine-tune and construct a performance. Students will cast and be cast by fellow directors, and work on scenes and other samples for several weeks; therefore, bringing their respective actors to performance level by presentation and blocking, and shoot their final piece with the help of cinematography students.