Jamie Adams

Adjunct Instructor


126A Hewitt Union

Office hours

Fall 2018
Monday & Wednesday
1:00 - 3:00
or by appointment

Classes taught


CRW 201/800 TR 11:10-12:30 322 Marano CC
CRW 301/800 TR 9:35-10:55 322 Marano CC

CRW 201 SCREENWRITING: INTRODUCTORY-This course will explore the basics of screenwriting, focusing on the nuances of this genre through formatting, dialogue and action expression, as well as organizational structure and industry expectations.

CRW 301 SCREENWRITING: INTERMEDIATE-Intermediate screenwriting will allow students to analyze films, screenplays and lectures to continue the structural outcome of the feature-length screenplay, which they started in CRW 201, or an entirely new script of their choosing. Workshops in class with groups as well as those led by the instructor will help students navigate through the structure, format and style of a feature-length film script. Exercises, reading scripts as well as written and oral critical responses/ critiques of classmates’ work will be required.  Prerequisite:  CRW 201 Screenwriting: Introductory