Fiona Coll

Assistant Professor


315 Marano Campus Center

Office hours

FALL 2020
Tuesday & Thursday
4:15-5:15 or by appointment

Office hours will be online

Fiona Coll is Assistant Professor of Literature and Technology at SUNY Oswego. She is also Editor-in-Chief of The Floating Academy, an online collaboration of scholars who share interests in nineteenth-century literature and culture. Her research focuses on the intersections of literature, science, and technology; she is currently working on a monograph that explores how the automaton, a technological object that gave material form to fantasies of human exceptionalism, emerged as a discursive tool in nineteenth-century writing about the limits of human agency. Coll's published writing includes "'Just a singing-machine': The Making of an Automaton in George du Maurier's Trilby" and "The Victorian Automaton as Imaginary Prosthetic." Coll received her Ph.D. in English from the University of Toronto. 

Classes taught


ENG 102/OY3 TR 11:20-12:40 Online
ENG 204/OY1 TR 9:40-11:00 Online
ENG 322/OY1 TR 2:40-4:00 Online

ENG 204 WRITING ABOUT LITERATURE: In this course, we will explore how literature challenges us to embrace intellectual uncertainty. The radically indeterminate nature of literary writing offers us a chance to grapple with our responses to interpretive failure, lack of closure, and a mode of knowing the world that remains perpetually in progress. We will first read a series of short stories that play with our expectations of narrative interpretation and closure, alongside theoretical explorations of narrative form and function. We will then turn our attention to three longer works about what happens when attempts to master particular domains of knowledge go wrong: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1831), Karel Čapek’s R.U.R. (1921), and Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl (2005).