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Christine Motto

Adjunct Instructor


324 Marano Campus Center

Office hours

Spring 2017
Tuesday & Thursday 
11:45 - 12:45
or by appointment

Christine Motto has her MFA in fiction writing from George Mason University in Virginia. Her work has appeared in Black River Review, So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art, Fresh Ink Poets and elsewhere.

Classes taught

Spring 2017 Courses

CRW 206/800 TR 12:45-2:05 258 Marano CC
CRW 206/830 TR 2:20-3:40 211 Marano CC

CRW 206-In this fiction writing course, students will read and critique each other’s work, as well as the work of established authors. Students should expect daily exercises, quizzes, class discussion, one story and one re-write. This introductory course is designed for students who are non-writing majors. This course is linked to Angel.