EOP Summer Program - Frequently asked questions

Am I required to attend?
Yes. If you have been accepted to SUNY Oswego as a student enrolled in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), you are required to attend the mandatory EOP Summer Program. Admission to Oswego is contingent upon your successful completion of the summer program.  

How long is the program?
The Summer Program is a three-week residential program that runs from Saturday, July 7 to Friday, July 27, 2018.  Students must stay on campus and will reside in the residence hall for the entire three-week program (including weekends).

Where will I be living for the summer?
You will be housed in a residence hall on campus for the summer program only. The cost of your stay is covered by EOP. Consistent with the academic year, there will be EOP Peer Leader(s) and 2 Resident Assistants (RA) assigned to each floor. 

Where will I eat?
You will be eating in one of our residential dining facilities.

Is this an academic program only?
No. We have recreational and social activities planned as part of the summer schedule. You will receive your summer schedule upon arrival. 

What if I have problems with any classes? Can I get help?
Absolutely! Summer program faculty members are available and willing to discuss course material outside of class.  Additionally, we have tutors and peer leaders available to help you. You will meet with your academic planning counselor (APC) throughout the program and can discuss any concerns you may have.  

How do I know what my college ID number is?
Your college ID number can be found on your acceptance letter. You can also look it up by logging in to your MyOswego account.

Are we allowed to have family or guests during the program?
No. Family and guests are not allowed during the program.

Are we allowed to go home on the weekends?
No. There are scheduled activities on the weekends that students are expected to participate in as part of the program.

What about my senior graduation party?
You are required to stay for the entire four weeks of the program. You must plan your graduation parties to occur before or after our mandatory summer program. There will be no exceptions made.

If my family is staying in a hotel on the first day of the EOP Summer Program, can I stay with them?
No. You must stay in the residence hall.

Can I bring a car?
No. We do not allow our summer program students to have a car during the program.

Do I get credit for the summer program?
Students do not receive credit for the summer program. Successful completion of the summer program is required as part of your admission to the college. 

Can I receive mail while I am on campus for the summer?
Yes. You will receive your mailing address when you check in.


EOP Summer Program for incoming freshmen