Superintendent Development Program Leadership

The New York State Superintendent Development Program is the longest running superintendent development program in New York State, with a proven track record over its 18-year history.

For those not familiar with the program, it is a yearlong program designed to prepare aspiring superintendents for the position of superintendent of schools. It is also designed to assist all participants to acquire a district wide perspective on the K-12 school organization, and is therefore, also a program for principals aspiring for district office positions.             

For those who have graduated from the CAS program, there is much to the design of the SDP program that parallels your experience with the CAS. There are two Issue Analyses that are completed by each cohort team, there are platform statements written at the beginning and end of the program, written reflections, and special topic sessions on school finance, labor relations, and the law. Most importantly, every week each regional cohort team of program participants meet with their faculty superintendents for approximately two hours to 'learn from the authentic chair' of the superintendency. A variety of topics are discussed at these weekly sessions, including "from the desk of the superintendent", to district financial planning, instructional and curricular leadership, and an intense focus on boardsmanship, or leading a board of education. Each cohort completes their work in November with presentations of their Scan and Entry Plans, which detail their analysis of a district to which they might apply, as well as their plan for entering the district effectively.

SDP College Credit

The program cost for the NYS Superintendent Development Program includes tuition for nine (9) graduate credits from SUNY Oswego.  For more information, please contact Angela Perrotto (

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