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School of Education

Every candidate in the School of Education is assigned a personal faculty advisor upon admission. Your advisor will get to know you personally, and work with you as you meet the requirements of your program. He or she will also guide you to take advantage of the many academic support services at SUNY Oswego. The advisement coordinators listed below can explain the specifics of the advisement process in each department.

  • Counseling & Psychological Services
    Dr. Michael LeBlanc, Chair
    (310 Wilber Hall, 315-312-4051)

  • Curriculum & Instruction
    Ms. Sandra Kyle, Advisement Coordinator
    (102 Wilber, 315-312-5641)
    Visit the C&I Advisement Center webpage for office hours.

  • Educational Administration
    Ms. Angela Perrotto, Chair
    (307 Park Hall, 315-312-2264)

  • Health Promotion & Wellness
    Dr. Amy Bidwell, Chair
    (105 Park Hall, 315-312-6386)

  • Technology
    Richard Bush, Advisement Coordinator
    (103 Park Hall, 315-312-3990) 

  • Career and Technical Educator Preparation 
    Dr. Eugenio Basualdo, Graduate Advisement
    Dr. Jan Woodworth, Undergraduate Advisement
    (307 Park Hall, 315-312-2480)