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School of Education

The Dean of the School of Education is responsible for the operation of all programs in professional education at SUNY Oswego – initial and advanced adolescence, childhood, and all grades teacher preparation, as well as allied professions and advanced programs for school administrators, counselors and psychologists. The Dean reports to the Provost, who in turn reports to the President of SUNY Oswego. The Associate Deans, Field Placement Office Director and the Technology Support Professional report to the Dean.

The faculty of the School of Education are organized into six academic departments. Each department in the School of Education elects a chairperson (confirmed by administrative appointment) who represents the faculty of that department on the School of Education Administrative Advisory Council (AAC). The Associate Deans, Field Placement Office Director, Technology Support Professional, and the chair of Faculty Council are also members of the AAC, which meets with the Dean regularly.

The faculty of each department are represented on the Faculty Council, along with an undergraduate, graduate student body, and professional staff representative. The Associate Deans are ex officio members of Faculty Council. Faculty Council makes recommendations to the faculty and to the Dean about issues affecting the School of Education. The chairperson of Faculty Council participates on the Administrative Advisory Council as a voting member. The Administrative Advisory Council and the Faculty Council meet together as needed to discuss and coordinate cross-cutting School of Education initiatives.

Faculty Council elects or appoints members to various standing and ad hoc committees to address issues of concern to the faculty of the School of Education. Current Faculty Council standing committees focus on Assessment, Diversity, Educational Technology, Field Placements and Professional Development School Partnerships. Each standing committee consists of a Faculty Council and Administrative Advisory Council representative in addition to interested SOE faculty, staff members, and candidates. The committees report to Faculty Council, and to the Dean through Faculty Council. The Peer Review Committee is an elected faculty group; it makes recommendations on promotion and discretionary salary increases.

Each teacher preparation department has at least one associated Program Advisory Group (PAG), which are advisory boards consisting of School of Education, Arts & Sciences (or School of Business) faculty as appropriate; school practitioners; and candidates. The Program Advisory Groups are organized in each department to meet the unique needs of candidates in each program. The Program Advisory Groups consult to make recommendations about program changes and improvements.

The C-TEN (Campus Teacher Education Network) is a collaboration of the School of Education faculty and administrators, faculty and administrators from Oswego's other schools (the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, and the School of Communication, Media and the Arts), representatives from local public schools, representatives from local community colleges, and other local stakeholders.  The C-TEN group works collaboratively with other SUNY colleges in the Central New York region as part of the R-TEN (Regional Teacher Education Network) and with the S-TEN (State Teacher Education Network) which encompasses all SUNY colleges and universities that prepare teachers.

Team Sheldon is a partnership among the Oswego County public schools, the Oswego County Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), and the School of Education. Its members include the school superintendents; the Dean and Associate Deans; and representative faculty and department chairs from the School of Education. The group collaborates on issues of mutual interest, such as field placements and needs assessments for new programs. It also supports various projects, including the Oswego County Professional Development Schools initiative and Sheldon Institute (a grade 2-12 summer educational enrichment program).