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In addition to scholarships available to all SUNY Oswego undergraduate and graduate students, we encourage you to apply for the following special opportunities restricted to School of Education students. Application deadlines are usually in January or early February. Application forms and complete information about these opportunities -- and the many others available to all students -- are described online at the Financial Aid Scholarship webpage and also on the College Foundation Scholarship webpage (University Development Office, 219 Sheldon Hall, 312-3003).  The Scholarship Newspapers are available online at the end of the fall semester each year.  Scholarship amounts may vary from year to year and the amounts given below are estimates only.

School of Education Undergraduate Scholarships as of fall 2016:

  • Class of 1945 Scholarship (Non-Trad, $700)*
  • Class of 1953 Memorial Scholarship (Soph/Jr, $2,000)*
  • Class of 1954 Scholarship Award ($1,900)*
  • Father Robert E. Hall Memorial Scholarship (Community Service, Soph/Jr, 2 @ $1,150)*
  • Gileen W. French '65 Scholarship ($1,000)*
  • Anna Mae Johnson '42 Scholarship (Childhood Ed, Need-Based, $1,250)*
  • Gillespie/Pietroski Scholarship (Non-Trad Jr, Need-Based, $1,300)*
  • Mary E. Laing Scholarship (Jr, $750)*
  • Constance LaRock Seeber '53 and Ada Linsler '37 Scholarship (Child Ed, Jr, NYS Resident, $1,700)*
  • Stan Levenson '54 Scholarship (Athletic Interest, Need-Based, $1,500)*
  • Ted '72 & Jane Friedlander Jenny '71 Education Scholarship (Soph/Jr, Athletic interest, Need-Based, $1,300)*
  • Frank & Ruth Sayer Education Scholarship (Fr/Soph/Jr, Positive Role Model, Need-Based, $1,350)*
  • Virginia G. Gibson Vogel '56 Memorial Scholarship (City of Oswego Res, Jr/Sr, $1,900)*
  • Anne '53 & Kenneth '54 Sherman Endowed Education Scholarship (Soph/Jr, NYS Res, Need-Based, $400)*
  • Florence Ellen Williams Kelly '31 Scholarship (Oswego Co HS Grad, positive role model, $1,000)* 
  • Kathleen A. Peterson '54 Scholarship (Soph/Jr, demonstrate history of volunteerism, $500)*
  • Linda E Schultheis Crawford '60 Scholarship (Fr/Soph, CED major, $1,050)
  • Edward '62 and Janet Albreght Heinrich '63 Scholarship (Soph/Jr, $400)
  • James and Mildred Menera Memorial Scholarship (Soph/Jr, first generation college student, $1,000)
  • Susan Feola Wain '69 Scholarship (Soph/Jr, $1,200)

Counseling and Psychological Services Department

  • Donald Snygg Graduate Fellowship ($1,225)*
  • Lucy Wing Memorial Fund ($1,200)*
  • Thomas H. Chapman Memorial Award ($1,300)*
  • Stephen and Ann Coco Graduate Scholarship Fund (CPS or VTP Grad,

Curriculum & Instruction Department

  • Charles A. Leonard and Margaret S. Leonard Scholarship (Oswego County HS Grad, Jr, $4,600)*
  • Finter-Yager Scholarship (Adol Sci, Jr/Sr, $3,000)*
  • Greta O’Brien Murabito ’43 Scholarship (Childhood Ed, Soph/Jr, Need-Based, (2 @ $3,225 ea)*
  • Hazel F. Hewitt Scholarship Fund (Childhood Ed, Soph/Jr, $1,450)*
  • John P. Moroney & Frances Murphy Moroney Merit Scholarship (Childhood Ed Freshman, $5,000 Renewable)*
  • John R. LaRose '65, M '75 Education Scholarship (Financial need, $1,000)
  • Lisa Frank Memorial Scholarship (Childhood Ed, Jr, $500)*
  • R. Lee Martin Award (Childhood Ed, Jr/Sr, (1) Trad, (1) Non-Trad, (2) @ $800 ea)*
  • See also the SOE Undergraduate Scholarships listed above

Health Promotion and Wellness Department

  • David A. Campbell Memorial Fund (HPW Major or Health Science/Coaching Minor, Soph/Jr, $200)*
  • Ernest B. Luongo Memorial Scholarship ($525)*
  • Hugh and Grace Mowatt Burritt Scholarship (HPW and Music Departments, $525)*
  • See also the SOE Undergraduate Scholarships listed above

Technology Department

  • Carlotta L. Hamm Award ($125)*
  • Department of Technology Memorial Fund (Tech, Soph/Jr, $750)*
  • James R. Hastings Award (Tech in field experience semester, certificate)
  • James '41 & Nina Hastings '43 Scholarship ($600)*
  • Robert Davis Helsby Memorial Scholarship (Tech, Soph/Jr, Need-Based, $625)*
  • William R. Keener Sr. ’30 Memorial Scholarship (Tech, Fresh/Soph/Jr, Need-Based, $2,775)*
  • Claude W. Weyant Award (Tech, certificate)
  • Musco Family Scholarship ($1,000)*
  • See also the SOE Undergraduate Scholarships listed above

Vocational Teacher Preparation

  • Stephen and Ann Coco Graduate Scholarship Fund (CPS or VTP Grad,
  • National Business Education Association Award of Merit (One-year membership)
  • See also the SOE Undergraduate Scholarships listed above

*Most SOE scholarships are merit-based; information in parentheses summarize major additional eligibility requirements. Scholarship amounts may vary year by year; the amounts listed above are estimates. "$TBA" means that the dollar amount of the award is "to be announced" each year.   Oswego College Foundation, Scholarships, will give details on award amounts, eligibility requirements and application deadlines.