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In 1861, Edward Austin Sheldon founded what would become SUNY Oswego as the first urban teacher training program in the United States. Today, the School of Education carries on Sheldon's concern for authentic learning and social justice through an emphasis on knowledge, practice, reflection, collaboration, and leadership in all our programs.

The SUNY Oswego School of Education is one of an elite group of institutions in New York State that are nationally-accredited by CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation), the standard of excellence in teacher preparation. Entry to our outstanding programs begins with your application for admission to SUNY Oswego, either at the undergraduate level  or graduate level.

School of Education programs emphasize early field experiences in diverse school settings. Literacy and educational technology skills are highlighted in all programs offered.

We offer undergraduate programs leading to a bachelor of science degree, as well as graduate programs leading to advanced degrees in certificate of advanced study, master of arts in teaching, master of science, master of science in education and master of science for teachers.

Please look at the tabs on this page to see what our departments have to offer. Visit our latest undergraduate or graduate catalogs where you can see the courses required to complete the programs.


Undergraduates in the School of Education will take courses from 3 categories: General Education, pedagogy (how to be a teacher) and concentration (what to teach).

The Curriculum and Instruction Department offers three majors with multiple concentrations. Click on the adolescence education, childhood education or TESOL links in the paragraphs below to see the catalog description of the pedagogy courses needed for the major. Then click on the concentration link to see the courses needed for the concentration courses.

The childhood education program leads to certification to teach children in Grades 1-6, a program that offers a combination of a strong knowledge of the discipline and theory-based pedagogical courses. Concentrations for the Childhood certification are listed below.

Science - biology depth area
Science - chemistry depth area
Science - Earth science depth area
Science - physics depth area
Social Studies
The Arts
Gender and women's studies

The adolescence education program leads to certification to teach children in grades 7-12. It requires study in one of the certification areas listed below. To teach at this level, educators must be as proficient in their discipline as they are in learning theories and adolescent development.

Earth science

Social studies

The teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) program is designed to prepare individuals to teach English as a second language to native speakers of languages other than English.

The Health Promotion and Wellness Department offers a BS in wellness management designed to prepare students to assume roles as wellness/health promotion professionals in private business and industries, community organizations, and health care facilities. Students will graduate with a foundation in health science/wellness, management, and human behavior.

The Technology Department offers 2 undergraduate programs. technology education: all grades gives candidates the tools they need to guide tomorrow's students in managing the technological innovations of the future. Technology management prepares candidates for a wide range of technical careers – manufacturing management, document design and management, facility planning and more – through classroom and applied laboratory experiences, internships and plenty of opportunities for professional development.

The Career and Technical Educator Preparation Department prepares individuals with career and technical backgrounds to teach occupational skills in high schools, trade schools, community colleges, agricultural and technical colleges, adult continuing education programs, the armed forces and industry. The BS in specific career and technical subject education program leads to initial New York State Certification to teach agriculture, health careers, family and consumer sciences, technical or trade education subjects. These programs require an AAS or AOS degree in the technical or trade occupation you wish to teach, or a high school diploma and at least four consecutive years of experience in the field.


Five of our departments offer graduate programs.

Counseling and Psychological Services
The mental health counseling program is designed to prepare human service providers to deal with problems and general concerns of human service agency clients and employees. The mental health counseling program has the approval of the New York State Education Department as licensure-qualifying. The school psychology program prepares candidates to be school psychologists. The candidate becomes eligible for provisional certification as a school psychologist in New York state. The counseling services program prepares students to be school counselors. Upon completion, the candidate becomes eligible for provisional certification as a school counselor in New York state.

Curriculum and Instruction
If you hold teacher certification, the following MSED programs are offered:
Master of Science in Education leading to professional certification
* Curriculum and instruction
* Special education: childhood 1-6
Master of Science in Education leading to initial/professional certification
* Literacy education, birth - grade 6
* Literacy education, grades 5-12
* Special education: adolescence grades 7-12 generalist

If you are seeking teacher certification, the following MST or MAT programs are offered:
Master of science for Teachers (MST)
* Childhood education 1-6
* Adolescence education 7-12
Master of arts in teaching (MAT)
* Art, all grades
* Chemistry, grades 7-12
* Mathematics, grades 7-12 

Educational Administration
The educational leadership program is designed for students possessing a master’s degree. Students in the program matriculate for a certificate of advanced study (CAS) in educational administration. A master’s degree and professional certification as a teacher are prerequisites to admission.

The MSED for technology education program is designed to enable students to become more effective in their roles as Technology Education teachers. Directed coursework electives enable students to pursue individual scholarship and professional needs and interests in the arts and sciences and professional studies.

Career and Technical Educator Preparation
The MSED for career and technical education is designed for specialists in the respective field who wish to gain initial and professional certification to teach their specialty in New York State. The following majors are offered:
* Agricultural education, grades 7-12
* Business and marketing education, all grades
* Career and technical education, professional
* Family and consumer sciences education, grades 7-12
* Health careers education, grades 7-12
* Technical education, grades 7-12
* Trade education, grades 7-12


The Health, Promotion and Wellness Department offers a minor in athletic coaching for anyone wishing to coach interscholastic athletic activities (grades 7-12) in New York state schools , a minor in health science designed to help students develop an awareness of health issues and career opportunities, and a minor in nutrition that provides a strong foundation of the basic principles of nutritional science as they pertain to health and wellness across the lifespan.

New in the fall of 2013 was the technology minor offered by the Technology department for those students who want to develop technological literacy and skills using a variety of technologies and technological systems. Students engage in authentic, contextual and hands-on learning experiences to develop new skills, integrate STEM concepts, learn sustainable practices, and make informed decisions about technology.


Three of our departments offer graduate certificates.

Counseling and Psychological Services
Two non-degree, graduate certificate programs are offered by the Counseling and Psychological Services department. The graduate certificate program in play therapy provides students with an opportunity to obtain a comprehensive authentic learning experience in play therapy. This program offers a broad sequence of courses in play therapy throughout the year. Students who complete the certificate program qualify for training to become credentialed play therapists.

The graduate certificate program in gerontology is devoted to education and training in the theories, philosophies, issues, processes and models of gerontology. It involves a hierarchical course sequence in which candidates move from discussions of theoretical and applied understanding of working with geriatric populations to advanced practice. Candidates who complete the certificate will possess specialized training that will make them competitive for positions in the field of aging studies.

Educational Administration
The Educational Administration Department offers a non-degree superintendent development program in various locations around the state in response to a statewide need to increase the pool of high-quality potential school superintendents.

Career and Technical Educator Preparation
The Career and Technical Educator Preparation Department offers the approved two-course sequence for a certification extension as work-based learning coordinators. Please contact the CTE Department for more information.