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School of Education

Leading up to 2011, SUNY Oswego's School of Education had already begun the work of integrating clinical experiences within the theoretical framework of education pedagogy  to provide a more cohesive connection between our teacher preparation programs and the realities and demands of the classroom. Building upon this work, SUNY Oswego was awarded a total of $2.7 million in Race to the Top funding through NYSED, beginning in 2011, to support both graduate and undergraduate clinically rich teacher preparation pilot programs (O-RITE MAT and Bridges Clinically Rich TESOL). In this model, candidates undertake education coursework concurrently with a school residency experience lasting from fifteen to twenty weeks per semester for two consecutive semesters.

Clinically Rich TESOL Education (fall 2012 - ongoing)

Bachelor of Science 

  • Two full-time, full-semester residency experiences
  • Education courses run concurrently with residency experiences
  • Concurrent monthly professional development and school visits
  • Each candidate spends a full semester each in an elementary classroom and a full semester in a secondary classroom in the Syracuse City School District

MST Childhood Education (ongoing)

Master of Science in Teaching

  • Candidates transition from par-time to full-time in school during the semester
  • Candidates have a primary experience (1-3) one semester and an intermediate (4-6) experience another semester
  • Partnered with Syracuse City School District elementary schools
  • Courses taught on site where possible
  • Faculty receive assigned time for ongoing school visits

Oswego Residency Initiative for Teacher Excellence (O-RITE): Math, Science or TESOL with SWD 7-12 (fall 2011 - spring 2015)

Master of Arts in Teaching leading to dual certification

  • Full-time, full-semester residency (7+ weeks actively observing / 7+ weeks student teaching in a co-teaching model)
  • Synchronous online and asynchronous online coursework runs concurrent with residency experience
  • Professional development around mentoring and co-teaching along with regular school visits
  • Partnered with schools across New York State