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The School of Education Policy Handbook contains a description of the School of Education, the Faculty Council Bylaws, and policies that apply to faculty, programs and candidates. Faculty, candidates and school partners are actively involved in standing committees that address assessment, diversity, educational technology, field experiences and professional development school partnership, and personnel issues.

Complete Policy Handbook (PDF, 2.55 MB)
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Overview (PDF, 659 KB)

Introduction to the School of Education, Organizational Chart, Conceptual Framework, Mission & Vision Statements, Professional Dispositions, Faculty Council Bylaws, and Diversity Policy

Program Policies (PDF, 582 KB)

Unit Assessment System, Program Entry & Candidate Outcomes, Program Collaboration with Professional Community, Substitution of Teaching Experience for Student Teaching

School & Faculty Policies (PDF, 188 KB)

Professional Development Schools (PDS), Professional Development Partnership Schools (PDPS), Graduate Faculty, Faculty Workload, Scholarship Statement, Guidelines Regarding Discretionary Salary Increases (DSI), Periodic Review of Faculty on Continuing Appointment

Candidate Policies (PDF, 388 KB)
Fair Process & Procedures, Professional Competencies for Teacher Education Candidates, Candidate Consultation Policy & Procedures, Resolution of Candidate Complaints, Candidate Consultation Report Form, Teacher Education Field Placement Policies, Administrative Policy on Location & Transportation to Field Placements, Undergraduate GPA Policy, Electronic Portfolio Policy, Laptop Computer Recommendations.