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The Onondaga Nation School Literacy & Fitness Partnership with the Onondaga Nation School in Lafayette, NY developed as the result of networking between School of Education faculty, the Oswego State Native American Advisory Council, and members of various Native American communities.

Dr. Jennifer Kagan supervises literacy graduate students who provide tutoring in reading, writing, and oral language to Native American students. She works with the entire faculty on literacy instruction, responds to questions they raise, visits their classrooms, and conducts teacher study groups which meet weekly. Kagan also facilitates interactions with area writers, who have conducted writing workshops with elementary teachers on a regular basis.

Along with these literacy activities, Kagan is organizing a new after-school tennis program funded by the Junior Tennis Foundation that will promote physical fitness and provide K-6 Native American children access to a new sport.

Contact Dr. Jennifer Kagan (315-312-2662) for more information.