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The college experience can be overwhelmingly wonderful, or just overwhelming at times.  The School of Education provides specialized assistance to candidates through the academic advisement services provided in each department.  If you are having academic difficulties, you should see your assigned personal academic advisor as soon as possible.  In the event you are unable to contact your advisor, you need to contact the chair of the department of your major.

In addition to these School of Education services, SUNY Oswego provides a wide variety of residential and walk-in programs to assist candidates at all stages of their college careers.  These are described in the college catalog and on the SUNY Oswego web site, and include the following:

Office of Learning Services (OLS) offers a variety of services in 113 Penfield Library (315)-312-2571, including:

  • Tutoring and study groups in math, natural science, and computer science.
  • Preparation for math proficiency exams.
  • Tutoring and study groups in humanities, social sciences, education, and business.
  • Assistance with time management and studying skills.
  • Assistance with basic writing skills, writing assignments, and research projects.

Counseling Services Center - Candidates go to the Counseling Center for personal, social, emotional, educational and vocational reasons.  The staff at the Counseling Center provides individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, certified substance abuse counseling, and educational seminars.  For more information or an appointment, call 315-312-4416 or drop into 113 Health Services.