Non-discrimination policy - SUNY Oswego values the contributions to learning for its members that result from maintaining a diverse student body, faculty and staff. SUNY Oswego does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, nationality, creed, color, sexual orientation, marital status, age or disability.

Bias crimes and prevention (responding and reporting) - Hate crimes, also called bias crimes, are very serious crimes in New York State. Bias crimes are criminal activities motivated by the perpetrator's bias attitude against an individual victim or group based on perceived or actual personal characteristics, such as their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Penalties for bias-related crimes are very serious and range from fines to imprisonment for lengthy periods, depending on the nature of underlying criminal offense, the use of violence or previous convictions of the offender. Perpetrators who are students will also be subject to campus disciplinary procedures where sanctions including dismissal from the College are possible. This campus has a zero tolerance for hate crime.

Disability - Students with disabilities — like students from any other non-majority group — bring experiences and perspectives that enrich our knowledge of the full range of the human condition. A disability may not necessarily be visible, or affect the participation of a student in your class. In order to ensure access to the curriculum, qualified students who have disabilities have the right to receive reasonable accommodations. This right is grounded in Federal legislation which protects the civil rights of Americans who have disabilities.

Religious Observance - Any student in an institution of higher education who is unable, because of his religious beliefs, to attend classes on a particular day or days shall, because of such absence on the particular day or days, be excused from any examination or any study or work requirements.

Affirmative Action - SUNY Oswego is responsible for providing a learning and working environment free of discrimination. The College reserves the right to pursue any complaint of discrimination about which it becomes aware.

Title IX - Title IX is the federal anti- discrimination law.  Title IX bans sex discrimination throughout our college and campus community -- in all programs and activities including, but not limited to, academic and athletic programs, financial aid and student records and accounts, health and counseling services, and housing and residence life programs.  Title IX also prohibits sexual harassment, including sexual violence, which is a crime.