Hosted by the Counseling Services Center at Mary Walker, International Circle - An Inclusive Group for International Students

Bi/Pan Support Group The Bi/Pan Support Group is a group open to students exploring shared aspects of identity. This group welcomes all students who identify with bisexual, pansexual and related intimate relationships/sexual identities.

Trans Support Group The Trans Support Group is a weekly support-based counseling group for students who identify on the trans spectrum.

Dean of Students Office - Providing programs and services that support healthy choices, supporting students in transition, and fostering a community of mutual respect and integrity so that students can be successful. We work with students, faculty and staff to encourage students to actively engage in and contribute to the vitality that is our campus life.

Bias Incident Reporting - If you know of, have witnessed or was the target of an incident motivated by age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation (perceived or confirmed), please fill out a Bias-Related Incident Report.

Student Handbook

Counseling Services Center - Free and confidential individual and group counseling for SUNY Oswego students. Telecounseling is available to eligible students - each counselor has created a virtual office, or can provide a service by phone. Walk-in crisis is currently shifting to same-day, call-ahead appointments. The Counseling Services Center will be happy to accommodate eligible students through telecounseling services, but you must call ahead and leave a voicemail.

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