International Education and Programs

The Office of International Education and Programs is responsible for education abroad, international student and scholar services and recruiting. OIEP manages programs abroad from all four schools and colleges. OIEP supports international activities of the college's academic departments, provides support for faculty members and departments to internationalize and encourages a vibrant international campus culture. This office includes the International Student and Scholar Services program.

Student activities
Life is what you make it. Some people can live in New York City and be bored. Oswego is no exception. More than 200 clubs and associations cater to various interests, from the cultural — the International Students' Association, the Asian Students' Association, and the Latino Student Union — to the political and religious. These groups offer film festivals, theme parties (Halloween and Winter Break, for example) and sometimes help their members plan their Spring Break far, far away from the cold and clouds, to the sunny south for five or six days.