Field Experience and Student Teaching

An integral part of teacher education; a time for candidates to participate in school and community-based experiences that combine theory, methodology, and practice. Supported by talented faculty and professionals in various settings, candidates will develop skills towards becoming a beginning educator or more effective existing member of the education field.

Field Experience

Field experiences are integrated into Blocks One, Two, and Three for undergraduate juniors and seniors of all Curriculum and Instruction education majors. Graduate students complete their required field experiences before student teaching. See your advisor for field experience program requirements. Registration and Orientation* information may be found at Field Placement's Curriculum and Instruction Field Experience page.

*Note: You must attend a "sign-up" day with the Field Placement Office after registering. Sign-ups take about 20 minutes to complete and the schedule will be posted on Field Placement's website. Please bring a pen, a copy of your detailed course schedule, and both a photo ID and driver's license with you.

Student Teaching

Undergraduate and graduate education programs culminate in two immersive 7-week student teaching experiences. Under collaborative supervision of college personnel and practitioners from the field, we provide opportunities in diverse classrooms in order to practice the integrated knowledge gained in courses. The Field Placement Office assists with establishing student teaching placements in New York State. Placements are also available in Australia, New Zealand, and London, England.

Ready to Student Teach? 

Return the printable "Student Teaching Application for Academic Review Form" to the C&I Advisement Office, 102 Wilber Hall.

Application for:
Spring due September 12
Fall due February 14

*Note: If you plan to student teach in NYC and/or overseas, please be sure to complete the additional application(s).