Certification Requirements

To be eligible to be employed in the New York State's public schools, individuals must hold a NYS certificate issued by the Office of Teaching Initiatives.  This certificate confirms that an individual has met all required degree coursework, assessment, and experience requirements.  These requirements include the completion of coursework or training in identification and reporting of suspected child abuse or maltreatment, school violence prevention and intervention, and harassment and bullying prevention. SUNY Oswego candidates complete this by attending SSHS 1020 Safe Schools, Healthy Students and DASA 1020 Dignity for All Students Act workshops. 

Candidates may find a searchable summary of requirements and procedures for certification application on the New York State Education Department website (NYSED) www.nysed.gov.

SOE Teacher Certification Details including program codes.

There are a few steps to achieving certification: finish coursework, get fingerprinted, take teacher certification exams, open a TEACH account, and take DASA 1020 and SSHS 1020.


Individuals must be fingerprinted and have a criminal history record check completed in order to be cleared for employment in the New York State's public schools. 

To sign up for a fingerprinting appointment visit www.identogo.com and choose the location that is best for you.

            The service codes needed to schedule an appointment are:           

Certification 14ZGQT


The fingerprinting information for certification has changed as of July 14, 2017. On July 14, 2017, the ORI TEACH will no longer be in use. The newest information is available online at: 


Tests for Teacher Certification

There are two NYS Certification exams you will need to become a teacher in NYS. These exams can be signed up online at www.nystce.com. The two exams are:

Content Specialty Test (CST):

Childhood Education 1-6 majors take the "Multi-Subject Grades 1-6 CST"

* The multi-subject test is broken into three sections that can all be taken in one day, or can be broken down into multiple days.

Adolescence Education 7-12 and TESOL K-12 majors take the CST in their concentration area

Educating All Students Test (EAS):

The Educating All Students Test, or EAS, evaluates candidates on their ability to effectively teach and support all students while responding to diverse student needs. The five components addressed on this test include: diverse student populations, English Language Learners, students with disabilities, teacher responsibilities, and school-home relations.

NYSTCE Test Dates and Sites:

There are multiple testing sites throughout New York State that you can sign up for.

***Please Note*** Many exams are offered through a computer-only testing system. Computer-based tests are offered Monday-Saturday at approved testing sites. Seating is limited and you must plan accordingly.

TEACH Account

The New York State Department of Education is the institution that grants NYS Teacher Certification. Upon graduation, the college registrar will recommend you to NYSED for teacher certification through a release form you receive with your diploma in the mail. You will then complete the certification process online using your "TEACH" account.

Applying for Teacher Certification
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