Art education K-12 initial MAT

Degree Overview

The MAT degree program in art education prepares candidates who possess a baccalaureate of fine arts degree in the visual arts (or equivalent degree) to teach the visual arts in all grades. Art teacher candidates must be well rounded in their KNOWLEDGE base of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art mediums. They must be dedicated to teaching all students about the role of art in American society as well as historically and globally (SOCIAL JUSTICE). A commitment to teaching developmentally appropriate aesthetics, appreciation, criticism, and multiple means of expression and response are paramount (AUTHENTIC LEARNING).   

The program embodies the mission of the National Art Education Association to advance art education through professional development (COLLABORATION), service, advancement of KNOWLEDGE, and LEADERSHIP. We are committed to excellence with a substantive focus that contributes to a quality art education for the children of New York State.

To this end, art teachers who graduate from SUNY Oswego are able to provide quality instruction resulting in authentic learning in the visual arts, with the research skills and technological abilities to enable growth and development of the field. They meet the needs of diverse student populations as a matter of SOCIAL JUSTICE, and assess student growth and development.  

Graduates REFLECT critically on the National Art Education Standards; have high expectations for all students; and use the standards to set ambitious goals. They understand the range of responses from all students and reflect upon the complex and multi-faceted aspects of teaching. Teachers graduating from this program are creative and imaginative; provide appropriate instructional units (PRACTICE); and regularly seek to refine and improve their teaching.

Program Requirements

This degree will qualify a candidate to receive an initial certificate to teach visual arts in all grades in New York State.  For this and all NYSED teaching certificates, passing the appropriate New York State Teacher Certification Examinations and meeting other criteria for NYSED teacher certification is also required (see To verify that you meet the requirements to apply to this program please contact the Curriculum and Instruction Department in the School of Education to arrange an advisement meeting.

Program requirements are officially described in the current SUNY Oswego Graduate Catalog. You may request additional information on the Graduate Studies website (or contact 315.312.3152, 601 Culkin Hall, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126).

For further information contact Dr. Jacquelyn Kibbey, MAT Art Coordinator, Curriculum & Instruction Department, 216C Hewitt Union, SUNY Oswego, Oswego NY 13126,