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Important Information for May 2018 Graduates [doc]

Update on the Math 106/206 Proficiency Exam for Childhood Education Majors 

Any childhood education majors enrolled in either MAT 106 or MAT 206 must, by the sixth week of the semester, demonstrate 90% mastery of basic arithmetic and algebra topics using a computer adaptive program.  An additional fee may apply, and this work will run concurrently with MAT 106/206. 

DASA  1020: Dignity for All Students Workshop

DASA 1020 course sections are posted on the myOswego registration page, with several offerings each semester.  The six-hour Dignity for All Students Act workshop is a requirement for graduation and NYS teacher certification, providing training in the prevention and intervention of harassment, bullying, cyberbullying and discrimination to provide a safe and supportive school environment for students in NYS public schools.  

Curriculum & Instruction Field Experiences

All C&I Adolescence, TESOL and Childhood Education candidates taking "block" classes must register for field placement online and attend a "sign-up" day with the Field Placement Office. The "sign-up" schedule is posted on the Field Placement website; sign-ups take about 20 minutes to complete.

Note:  Please take a pen, a copy of your detailed course schedule, and both a photo ID and driver's license to sign-ups.  All C&I candidates who are registered for an EDU303/503 field experience will be responsible for attending two important meetings during the Block One Semester.* 

Student Teaching Deadlines and Graduation Info

Complete a Senior Checklist soon!

Seniors must file for graduation* online:

1. Log in to "myOswego"
2. Click on the "Student Records" tab
3. Click on "Apply for Graduation" and complete the required information
4. Follow the on-screen instructions
5. Meet with your major/minor advisor(s) to review and sign your checklist form you

*Students must have completed 88 credits in order to file

Note: Dr. Russo and Dr. O'Toole meet with their advisees to complete senior checklists. All other C&I students meet with Sandra Kyle or Beth Smith by appointment at the Curriculum and Instruction Advisement Center.

UNDERGRADUATE Students Deadlines to File for Graduation
Graduation Semester      File online before 
Spring                                  October 1
Fall                                        February 2

  • Be sure to declare all majors and minors prior to applying for graduation
  • All students must sign their senior checklist to be eligible to graduate
  • August graduates participate in the May graduation ceremony