Testing provides you the ability to assess how your students are doing.  Tests are a way for you to test items such as vocabulary, concepts, and other important materials that students need to know in your course.

Here are some options on how you might facilitate tests in a remote environment:

There have been many questions regarding tests.  One of the largest concerns many faculty have is that students will cheat on a test or quiz.  There are ways to make it more difficult to cheat.  The University of Wisconsin Extended Campus has created a one-sheet on Unproctored Online Assessments that you may find helpful.  

If you have questions about using pools and tests in Blackboard, this document, FAQs: Using Pools and Tests in Blackboard will get you started.  

For help with Blackboard or any of the tools listed on this site, contact the Blackboard Support team and/or the Instructional Design Team through the CTS Helpdesk at help@oswego.edu.