Receiving Your Bill

The Telecommunications Office sends monthly email notifications to student and employee SUNY Oswego email address when the telephone bills are ready to be viewed online. You can view your bill online by going to Select the appropriate portal and login using your Laker NetID. A Home Billing option is available for a minimal charge of $9.95 per semester. This option sends a printed copy of your telephone bill to your home address, allowing your parents to receive the bill also.

Payment Due Date

Payments are due by the 22nd of every month. Payments must be received in our office no later than the 22nd to avoid penalties. Should the 22nd fall on a weekend or holiday, the due date will be the next business day. Please be aware that if you do not pay your bill on or before the 22nd, your services will be deactivated and you will be charged a $20.00 disconnection fee.

Payment Online By Credit Card or Electronic Check

MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards are accepted.

To make a credit card or electronic check payment on your telephone bill, please go to:

Please allow two business days for processing your payment.  If you have a hold on your account, and you have paid your account in full, your hold will be removed within two business days.

Payment Options By Mail

Payment by check is recommended when using intercampus or U.S. Mail. Do not send cash through the mail. Please mail payments to 102 Culkin Hall and make checks payable to “SUNY Oswego". To ensure credit to the proper account, write your campus ID on the front of your check. You also have the option to print the payment coupon from the online Customer Web Portal and return with your payment.

The Telecommunications Office is not responsible for payments lost in either innercampus or U.S. Mail service. Be sure to allow enough time for your payment to arrive in our office by the 22nd.

In Person

Payment is accepted at the Telecommunications Office in 102 Culkin Hall, in the form of cash, check, or money order.

Late Payments

If payment is not RECEIVED by the due date, a late notice will be emailed as a reminder of a possible $20.00 disconnection fee and disconnection of services within 5 business days. A hold will be placed on your transcripts / registration. Once your personal billing number (PBN) has been disconnected, the balance due must be paid in full before your services will be reactivated. Activation or reactivation of services is subject to the Assistant Manager of Telecommunication’s discretion. Neglecting to pay your telephone bill because you did not receive one will be treated as nonpayment.

NOTE: All delinquent accounts are subject to registration and transcript restrictions, which are removed when the account is paid in full. To have your hold immediately lifted you must pay by certified funds, if paying by check the hold will not be removed for 12 business days.

Reactivation of Services

While there is no fee to reactivate your services, you will be charged a disconnection fee of $20.00. This fee will appear on your next phone bill. In order to get your services reactivated, you will need to pay your past due amount plus the $20.00 disconnection fee and fill out a Reactivation of Services formby selecting the link or in person at the Telecommunications Office in room 102 Culkin Hall.

Returned Checks

Returned checks carry a $20.00 penalty, and the account will be treated as delinquent (see “Late Payments”). The account must then be paid by cash, money order, certified check or by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover Card}. THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS OFFICE WILL NOT RESUBMIT ANY RETURNED CHECKS.

Confidentiality Policy

It is the policy of the Telecommunications Office at SUNY Oswego that telephone calls, placed by an individual using their personal billing number {PBN}, will be confidential. Records and other information of calls made, will be accessible only to the individual assigned the PBN to which the calls are billed. Employees involved in billing preparation strictly enforce this policy. They are instructed to decline and report immediately any outside requests for information to University Police.

Copies Of Telephone Statements

Copies of telephone statements cost $3.00 each and will be issued only to the holder of the account. This fee must be paid prior to processing.

Important Announcements

Important information including policy and rate change announcements, which are subject to change with 30 days notification, will be on your monthly bill. Please read this important information carefully.

Customer Service

If you have any questions concerning your telephone bill, please contact our Customer Service staff via email at, in person at 102 Culkin Hall, or by telephone at (315) 312-2500.