Student Health Check App

Students are required to complete the Medical Health Check on a daily basis. The app is available to them at

To summarize:

  • Grey or Black dot - Students need to complete the form.
  • Green dot - All set, approved to be in class.
  • Anything else - The student should go back to their residence and contact Health Services at 315-312-4100.

Faculty are encouraged to request students to show the results of their health check before class starts each day. The process can be as simple as requesting students to hold up their phone and show that they have completed the form and they have answered negative to all questions. If they answer the questions in this manner, their results will show a large green dot on the screen.

health check negative green status

The black dot means there is no data for the student and they need to fill out the form.

black dot in the student health screening app that indicates there is no data

A yellow dot indicates that COVID-19 test results are pending. The student should go back to their residence, maintain their quarantine as directed, complete the monitoring questionnaire every day (preferably before noon), and contact Health Services at 315-312-4100 with any questions or concerns.

yellow dot in the student health check app that indicates a pending covid-19 test result

The orange dot indicates they have indicated exposure to COVID-19. The student should go back to their residence and contact Health Services at 315-312-4100.

orange dot in the student health app form which indicates exposure to COVID 19

If students answer yes to having symptoms or currently are positive for COVID-19, they will be marked as positive and their screen will show a red dot. The student should go back to their residence and contact Health Services at 315-312-4100.

health check positive test red status

The other possibility is that the student may have a grey dot. If a student has a grey dot, they have not completed the daily health check. In this case, the student should be requested to complete the health check, and the appropriate action taken depending on the results of their response.

health status check not completed, grey status

Requiring students to complete the Medicat Health check will assist all residents of the SUNY Oswego community to stay healthy.