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Looking for additional software not listed on this page?  Check out the following options:

  1. Please consult our licensed software page for a listing of additional software that CTS purchases and makes available to SUNY Oswego faculty, staff and/or students.
  2. Please check out for educational pricing on other select software available to faculty, staff and students.

    Adobe Reader

    Adobe Reader allows the opening and reading of PDF documents from the web.


    Cyberduck is a FTP program. With it, users can easily transfer files to and from their SUNY Oswego account space.

    Malware Removers

    These are programs that are designed to remove malware/spyware from Windows PCs. Use of these utilities is unsupported and at your own risk --  please refer to the vendor's documentation for assistance with using these utilities.

    Printing - Wireless and Computer Lab

    Pharos Uniprint is a software package which allows SUNY Oswego employees and students to print to CTS public labs from anywhere on-campus, including our wireless network.

    Sophos Antivirus

    The campus has migrated away from Sophos for university-owned computers.  Sophos offers a free version for personally-owned computers.  Those using Windows 10 can also use Windows Defender which is built-in to the operating system.  Please refer to our "Antivirus Applications for Home Computer Use" blog article for additional information.