Guidelines for Use of the SUNY Oswego Daily Email Bulletin

The Oswego Daily is a communication service for the college's faculty and staff and should be used as an alternative means to distribute information formerly distributed on paper. It is a digested listserve distributed each day around 6 AM. Messages sent to will be collected daily and assembled into a single message. The top of each Oswego Daily message will display a list of the topics/messages included in that message.

All new faculty and staff will be subscribed. Faculty and staff members can unsubscribe themselves if they choose not to receive the Oswego Daily. Subsequently, any faculty or staff member can re-subscribe if they wish to resume receiving the Oswego Daily. To resubscribe , enter your email address and click "Subscribe."

  • The Oswego Daily is intended to communicate non-critical, college-related and faculty and staff related information to the faculty and staff community.
  • Critical information that needs to be communicated broadly to faculty and staff and/or is time sensitive should still be channeled through the appropriate Vice President's office or the President's office for distribution through the established email distribution lists, for campuswide announcements.
  • The Oswego Daily is not intended for the communication of strictly personal or non-college-related information.
  • Messages should be as brief as possible and, whenever appropriate, contain links to other information resources such as web pages for full details.
  •  Messages should be limited to approximately 150 words.
  • Messages should contain basic pertinent information - who, what, when, where, why and how much if an event or activity is not free.
  • Messages should contain contact information (email and telephone number) for the appropriate person who can provide additional details.
  • Signatures and vcards must be removed from any posting.
  • Messages should not be posted in a paper memo format.
  • Messages should be posted once, not repeatedly.
  • Messages may not include attachments of any kind.

Examples of acceptable uses of the Oswego Daily:

  • Invitations or reminders regarding college activities to which faculty and staff are encouraged to attend. This might include: Student performances, athletic events, class demonstrations, special lectures or presentations, workshops or training sessions, departmental holiday or seasonal activities and faculty and staff retirement celebrations.
  • Announcements or reminders of regular deadlines
  • Other college-related information of general interest to the faculty and staff community such as reports or postings from departments, committees and workgroups

Examples of unacceptable use of the Oswego Daily:

  • Invitations to after-work parties, social hours, faculty or staff birthday parties or other non-college events
  • Promotion of personal business services
  • Opinion and other subjective content such as criticism or praise for any person or agency, movie or book reviews, or political or religious views, etc.
  • Ongoing discussion and debate and questions or comments that would provoke a response to this listserve.

Any questions about the best manner to distribute information via email should be directed to:

Wayne Westervelt, Office of Communications and Marketing, ext 2265

Michael Pisa, Campus Technology Services, ext 3572