Online Learning Portal

SUNY Oswego plans to reopen its campus as well as provide a high degree of choice and flexibility. Faculty are encouraged to prepare their courses for their chosen modality but consider how they will continue to conduct their courses should a return to fully remote teaching is required. The resources and materials available on this site have been created by the college's Instructional Design (IDs) team and CTS staff to help you think about how to continue instruction and what tools are available and supported by the college for instruction.

Each link available in the navigation menu provides a variety of print and video resources to help you think about how you might revise parts of your course to be offered in any modality. Be sure to also visit our Accessibility website to learn about the barriers that prevent access to, or interaction with your online content, and design your materials accordingly. 

For help with Blackboard or any of the tools listed on this site, contact the Blackboard Support team and/or the Instructional Design Team through the CTS Helpdesk at