Electronic Test Scoring Instructions

Drop off testing sheets to 102 Culkin Hall. Instructors only please. For more information, call x3575. The test scoring sheets may be purchased through Central Stores, the item number is 5500. If you have any questions on the following procedures, please contact us before you set up your exam. There needs to be two sheets provided by you as the instructor.

Faculty Evaluation Instructions

IMPORTANT: Your first two questions on your evaluation MUST begin as follows:

1) The status of the student, for example:
(Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior , other)

2) The student's GPA, in the following format: 
(above 3.50, 3.00-3.49, 2.50-2.99, 2.00-2.49, below 2.00).

Your questions begin with #3.

The maximum number of questions the program can handle are 200. A copy of your questions needs to accompany your evaluation. A text file will be created so that the questions will appear on the printout adjacent to the calculations for each questions. We can print a maximum of 80 characters on the printout for each question, so the questions may be abbreviated to fit into the given space on the printout. The maximum number of course sections the program can handle is 100. This program is capable of combining sections together for overall combined statistics. If you would like to combine sections, please tell us if you will combine by instructor or course. You will need to have the sections sorted in the order you wish them scanned.

Each packet of evaluations must have a separate control sheet. If you fail to fill in this information properly you will need to return to correct the information. This would cause a delay in processing, so please if you have any questions, call before you begin.

Following are the instructions for the control sheet :

A) The first 16 positions in the name area are to be filled in with the instructor's name. 

B) Position 17 has to be filled in with A, B and C. This creates an asterisk or multi-mark. This is very important because the asterisk is the indicator used to tell the program to read this as a new instructor or section. Without this your sections will run as one. 

C) Positions 18-20 must be filled in with a VALID three letter course name. The course mnemonic can be found in the newspaper in your course area. For example: 'BIO'.

In the area marked A, B and C you fill in the number of questions on your Evaluation. This area must be zero filled.(Example: 009 or 099) The area D-J are to be left blank.

In the area marked K, L and M you fill in the course number. In the area marked N, O and P you fill in the course section number. The students are to fill in their responses to the questions only. The name, birth date, identification number and special codes area should all be BLANK. You may have them write in the boxes above the bubbles if you would like but they are NOT to fill in any bubbles in the areas listed above! 

PLEASE NOTE: The Left Blank/Multi Mark area is a separate field. Blanks and Multi Marks are not included in the A-E responses. All percentages are rounded, the mean and standard deviationcalculations do not include blank/multi-mark responses.