There are significant changes coming to INB Banner in the next few months due to Oracle's plans to de-support Oracle Forms. Ellucian is replacing each INB Banner form with a Banner 9 Administrative Page ( aka Transformed Form ).

In order to prepare for this next phase of INB Banner from Ellucian, SUNY Oswego will be changing over to a required method for Banner access. The Ellucian SSO Manager must be utilized in order to provide Banner authentication. The SSO Manager uses a Central Authentication Server to login to Banner.  This means that you will need to use your Oswego Laker NetID credentials ( decker ) when logging into Banner. Your Laker NetID should be entered lowercase, and your password will be case sensitive. Your password will be the same password that you use for email and other systems on campus. On April 26, 2017, SUNY Oswego will convert to the SSO Manager for Banner authentication. Please note the following points:

  • You will need to continue to use Internet Explorer as a browser to run Banner.

  • Any bookmarked links you may have to start Banner will no longer work. To connect to Banner, visit and click the start Banner link.

  • The new SSOmanager logon process will replace the current Banner logon prompt.

    • You no longer need to remember a separate password for Banner.

    • When you have completed work for the day, you must be sure to logout of Banner, then also be sure to exit out of ALL Internet Explorer browser windows. This is an important step to protect unauthorized access to your Banner account.

Please contact the CTS Help Desk at 315.312.3456 or with questions or if you need assistance.