CTS is aware of suspicious emails that are being sent from and to campus email addresses and is working to resolve the issue. We have identified Oswego accounts that the emails are originating from and have suspended them until the issue is resolved. These accounts are notified of suspension upon attempting to login to LakerApps email. Owners should call the Help Desk at 315.312.3456 for assistance.

With National Cyber Security Awareness Month right around the corner in October, this is a good time to remind the whole campus about frequently changing and selecting effective passwords.  We would like to encourage everyone to change their passwords on a regular basis.

Changing Your Password
To change your password, please follow these instructions:

  1. Login to www.oswego.edu/admin with your current Laker NetID
  2. Click on the “Change your password” link
    1. Please ensure you DO NOT reset it to a password you have used in the past
  3. Logout and then log back in with your new password
  4. Click the “Set your security question” to create a secure question and answer
  5. Log out

Checking Your Account Activity
In addition, it is also good practice to check when and where your LakerApps account is being used from. Google makes this available with the  “Last account activity” feature.  

In their “Last Account Activity” support article, Google mentions the following in regards to concurrent sessions.

“If your mail is currently being accessed from another location, we'll list the other session(s) in a 'Concurrent session information' table. If there are other sessions displayed, this could mean that you simply have another browser window open with Gmail loaded, or that you're sign in on another computer (for example, if your home computer is signed in to Gmail while you're accessing your mail from work.) If you're concerned about any concurrent access, you can sign out all sessions other than your current session by clicking Sign out all other sessions.”

If you see your account is being used from places you don’t recognize, please ensure to use the “Sign out all other sessions” link.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Help Desk, 315.312.3456 or help@oswego.edu.