In the early months of 2014, Campus Technology Services (CTS) announced a three year plan to improve the wireless network around campus. Since then, CTS has been hard at work expanding the wireless coverage and capacity throughout campus.

Over winter break, CTS focused on the Poucher area and the east wing of the Marano Campus Center. A contractor readied the infrastructure so our technicians could install new wireless access points throughout each location. During the same time, work was completed to place additional wireless access points on the ground floor of Lanigan Hall. We were able to complete all of these installs by the start of the Spring semester. These additions allowed us to expand wireless coverage and to provide stable connections in high traffic areas.

Even though CTS accomplished a great deal during winter break, we have much more in store for the summer timeframe. We have upgrades scheduled for Penfield, the Shineman Center/Lee Hall outdoor space, the Hewitt/Lanigan Hall outdoor quad, Building #20, Laker Hall, University Police’s office space in Pathfinder Hall, and our Metro Center location in downtown Syracuse.

Our ultimate goal is to improve your overall experience using the wireless network. We appreciate your patience while we attempt to accomplish this. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Help Desk, or 315.312.3456.


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