Google Team Drive LogoSo you are asked to be a project manager for a 1 year pilot program. You have a committee to work with, and want to use Google Drive to share all relevant files with the group. Everything from meeting agendas, minutes, and workflows could be shared with the committee.

You assign a co-chair who helps create much of the documents in the folders. They take diligent notes during meetings and are the conduit for communicating with everyone. After about 3 months working with the committee, they are offered a job at another university, and leave soon after. Unfortunately, they leave during a down time in the project, and forget to assign ownership of those files to you.

Photo of people working togetherWith Google Team Drives, you no longer have to worry about ownership of files becoming a problem. Files in the Team Drive belong to the team instead of an individual. If members leave, files stay and permissions are unchanged.

To learn more, take a look at Google Get Started with Team Drive page.