Forwarding Voicemail Messages to Email

Calling into your work voicemail each day to check messages? CTS has a new feature available that will automatically send you an email when you receive a new voicemail message. Included in the email is the actual voicemail recording. This is a super handy feature for anyone who doesn’t have their work phone automatically forwarding to an alternative number, which is also an available option.  

To utilize this feature or to forward your work phone to another phone, simply submit the Employee Phone Service Forwarding Request and CTS will work on getting it set up for you.

If you use the voicemail to email feature, just remember that your voicemail messages still need to be deleted on a regular basis so your queue doesn’t fill up. Deleting the recording from your email does not actually delete it from your voicemail messages. Please refer to our article How to: Access your voicemail from off-campus for further instructions.