Currently, many faculty use specialized software for their courses. For example, Chemistry uses a program called Chemdraw.  Math uses SAS, Minitab, and Maple. SPSS is used pervasively across multiple disciplines. Right now, this software is only accessible from certain computer labs.

Online students who are taking courses that require specialized software do not have an option of physically visiting campus to use the software. Therefore, in many cases, they end up purchasing it on their personal computer, adding to the cost of their education.  

What if this software could be available to all faculty, staff, and students

  • without having to physically visit a computer lab,
  • without having to pay for it,  AND
  • it could be used easily primarily with using just a web browser at any time of the day from anywhere in the world on any type of device?

Well...we can. It can be done with a technology called virtual applications. The application is stored on a Citrix server. A user from a PC, a Mac, a Chromebook, or even an iPad can use the Internet to run the application that they need. We like to compare it to how Netflix works.  When you access a show or movie on Netflix, it isn’t actually on your device. It’s on a Netflix server and the content is being streamed to your device. Virtual applications work the same way. The software is not actually on your device, it is being streamed by the server.  

To get started using our Citrix virtualized applications including SPSS, SAS, Minitab, Maple, etc., you merely need a web browser, preferably Google Chrome. Point it to, login with your Laker NetID and get started. For detailed instructions, please visit our “How to Use Virtual Applications with Citrix” article.