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Did you know you can use LakerApps Gmail when clicking an email address on a web page viewed with the Firefox browser?  Did you know you can send email to your entire class when in myOswego?  There is just one small configuration change needed in Firefox to make it all happen.

From the Firefox Tools menu select “Options” then click on the “Applications” tab and scroll down in the list of applications until you see “mailto.” Under the Action menu, select “Use Gmail.” Now when you click on an email link in a web page, it will allow you to send your message using Gmail. If you are not currently logged into LakerApps at the time you click on the email link, it will first ask you to login and then direct you to a compose window to compose and send your message.

All faculty and staff who receive a new machine will have this change automatically applied to their Firefox browser.

With this change applied, faculty may now use myOswego to send email to their entire class.  The HELP links for Detail Class List and Summary Class List within myOswego have been updated to outline how to send email to the entire class.  In addition, a reminder has been added to the top of each page outlining how Firefox can be used to email the class. There are no known restrictions for class size when using LakerApps Gmail.