Brightspace Updates

The Digital Learning Environment (DLE) transition team would like to share a few Brightspace updates.

Brightspace Home Page changes

The DLE transition team continues to work on the Brightspace home and course pages to add as much value as possible to students and instructors. To that end, the following changes are taking or have taken place. 

On March 9, a widget was added to allow first-year and senior students to complete the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). While the widget shows for all students and instructors, only eligible students will have a link listed. All others will see “You do not have an NSSE Survey link” within the text of the widget.

The Tutoring Resources widget that was on all Course home pages was removed earlier this semester to correct some technical issues. Those issues have been resolved and the widget will be added to the Brightspace Home page rather than each Course home page. This will take place at noon today, March 16.

The Calendar widget on the home page is not functioning the way the DLE transition team expected as it does not actually display events. Therefore, the widget will be removed. This will also happen at noon today, March 16.

Call for faculty to deactivate past semester courses

The DLE Transition team has learned that students continue to see any incomplete assignments from past semesters in their “Update Alert” notifications listed under the bell icon at the top of Brightspace web pages. The only way students can stop seeing these notifications is if faculty deactivate their prior semester courses. We have provided some instructions to assist faculty with doing that.

Easier import of grades into myOswego coming fall 2023

The export of grades in Brightspace to then be imported into myOswego does not currently include SUNY Oswego IDs, only SUNY Global IDs. Therefore, either grades can be entered into myOswego manually or some extra steps can be taken prior to importing them into myOswego.  SUNY Online has agreed to work with campuses to make this process easier. SUNY Oswego has signed up to be a beta tester of the solution SUNY Online creates. It is hoped this streamlined process will be available by Fall 2023.

New Zoom link for office hours

The link for spring semester Brightspace office hours has changed. If you have saved the link in the past, please access the Help and Support page for the new one. Zoom office hours for the remainder of the semester are also listed there.


The DLE transition team:

Kathi Dutton
Theresa Gilliard-Cook
Douglas Hemphill
Carrie Mocyk
Greg Ketcham
Sean Moriarty
Rameen Mohammadi
Nicole Decker
Jill Pippin