Image showing what Blackboard Collaborate looks like on a laptop, desktop and phone.

During the Spring 2016 semester, we successfully piloted Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in one course and several free-standing rooms. Feedback has all been positive. Given this we will be migrating the campus to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

Blackboard has been working on a newer version of Collaborate called Ultra for several years. Ultra has a streamlined user interface and does not require Java and a download launcher file to run. This means that it is easier to use, loads quicker, and is accessible from mobile devices - including Chromebooks. Until recently the ease in use benefit was outweighed by Ultra’s lack of crucial features.

Important things to know about Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:

  • Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

  • It runs within your computer’s browser.

  • Slides can be preloaded.

  • Moderators still have the ability to conduct polls, share applications, create breakout rooms, etc.

  • From within Blackboard Learn, no longer have the ability to create sessions within a course room or have an instructor’s room.

  • Rooms outside of Blackboard Learn courses will need to be re-created.

  • Recordings previously made will not be available from Collaborate Ultra.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kathi Dutton.