Blackboard to Brightspace Migration Update

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We're writing to remind you that the campus is migrating from Blackboard to Brightspace for the Fall 2022 semester. All courses taught with or supplemented by Blackboard need to migrate. 

With four weeks remaining before the start of the semester, we are happy to report that many faculty are well on their way to making the transition. If you have not started migrating your Fall 2022 courses, we encourage you to start now to avoid start-of-semester issues. We recommend allocating a couple of weeks per course migration.

Course Migrations

If you still have Fall 2022 courses to migrate, you can request they be migrated or you can manually export them from Blackboard and import them into Brightspace yourself.  The Digital Learning Environment (DLE) Support page will guide you through these options.

Course Content Review

All courses that have migrated, whether by request or manually, should be reviewed to ensure all the content migrated and acts as expected.  You can use our migration guide to assist with this.  The guide continues to evolve as we work through the transition.

Brightspace Training

 If you need Brightspace training:

  • The SUNY Center for Professional Development (CPD) is offering training in various modalities, including an asynchronous course available right in Brightspace.  

  • We are complementing the CPD training with online office hours and Migration and Munchies in-person help sessions.  

The DLE Training page has more information about these options as well as additional training resources.


If you have issues or questions not covered on the SUNY Oswego DLE website, please call or email the SUNY Oswego Help Desk and a ticket will be directed to the DLE team to answer.

The DLE Transition Team

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Theresa Gilliard-Cook

Douglas Hemphill

Carrie Mocyk

Greg Ketcham

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Sean Moriarty

Rameen Mohammadi

Eric Goodnough

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