Mark Hardy, CTAB Chair
Technology Department


Adams, Josh Cinema & Screen Studies
Ball, Scott Center for Experiential Learning
Blachard, Eric Political Science
Bowers, William ORSP
Bozak, Dave Psychology
Bradbury, Jeff Communication Studies
Brewster, Greg Theatre
Brooks, Matt Penfield/CTS
Buck, Rick Office of Public Affairs
Burrell, Marcia Curriculum & Instruction
Decker, Nicole CTS, Associate Director
Dodd, Jacob Cinema & Screen Studies
DuFore, Jean Registrar's Office
Durso, Marcus Field Placement
Dutton, Kathi CTS, Client Support & Communication
Eck, Kristi President's Office
Eichorn, Kristen Graduate Studies and Research
Farnham, Brenda Modern Languages & Literature
Finnerty, Sean Counseling & Psychological Services
Flaherty, Mike Auxiliary Services 
Fuller, Greg CTS, Networking
Galletta, Josh CTS, Client Support & Communication
Gilliard-Cook, Theresa Extended Learning 
Goldzweig, Andy CTS, Servers & ID Management
Griffin, Dan Student Affairs 
Gulaghayev, Sadig CTS, Client Support & Communication
Hebblethwaite, Chris Library 
Hernandez, Leonardo History
Islam, Mohammad Physics
Jackson, Diane Rice Creek
Johnson-Neuland, Tyrone CTS, Assistant Director
Kahn, David School of Business/CTS
Kane, John Economics
Knowles, Helen Political Science
Kopnitsky, Maria International Education
Leary, Paul Music
Lee, Latoya Sociology
Martin, Peg Career and Technical Educator Preparation
McCormick, Adrienne College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
McCune, Mary Women's Studies
McGann, Kimberly Development
Mitchel, Emily Library
Moriarty, Sean CTS, Chief Technology Officer 
Morris, Gary Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Newell, Peter Biological Sciences
Pacitti, Pat Office of Learning Services 
Pagano, James Environmental Research Center
Pantaleev, Alex Computer Science
Paris, Linda Art
Pippin, Doug Anthropology
Pisa, Michael CTS, Associate Director
Preston, Maryann Office of Institutional Research
Radhakrishnan, Ritu Curriculum & Instruction
Rank, Allison Political Science
Roe, Kelly Art
Sargent, David Philosophy
Schifano, Michael Technology/CTS
Schildkraut, Jaclyn Public Justice
Schofield, Damian Computer Science
Scruton, Irene School of Business/MBA
Shutts, Jordan Student Association
Skubis, Steve Atmospheric and Geological Sciences
Springston, Mark Technology
St. Michel, Barbara Campus Life
Tse, Joey EOP
Wilson, Leigh English & Creative Writing
Yang, Stephen Health, Promotion & Wellness
Yasar, Murat Humanities