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Mission, Vision and Goals


The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) at SUNY Oswego fosters the increase of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math or other licensed professions  as well as preparation towards a post-baccalaureate education. This program provides a structured network of services to intellectually prepare and empower our scholars as leaders in their communities and future professions.


The CSTEP Scholars Program at SUNY Oswego will provide an unmatched academic experience with a strong culture for intellectual growth, academic achievement, social and personal development, and skills building environment supported by structured network of activities which will lead to excellence and preparedness. Our professional staff strives to help our scholars reach their full future potential.


CSTEP at SUNY Oswego is centered in four pillars:

  1. Opportunities for Academic Growth
    •   Summer Online Program
    •   Academic advisement
    •   Individual tutoring
    •   Academic progress and assistance with early intervention
    •   Study skills and time management workshops
    •    Academic achievement awards ceremony and recognition campus wide and statewide
    •   Educational experiences beyond the classroom - Short and long term study abroad programs

  2. Professional Development Activities
    •    Career and employment development
    •   Job shadowing
    •   Resume writing workshops
    •   Assistance with Summer Internships and REUs applications
    •   Interview skills
    •   Attendance at career fairs in CNY
    •   Seminars by guests speakers
    •   Professional Development Workshops off campus
    •   Mentoring with SUNY Oswego faculty and alumni

  3. Social and Personal Development
    • Attendance and participation in CSTEP related activities
    • The Annual CSTEP Student Conference poster presentation
    • Participation at CSTEP recruitment events on and off campus
    • Participation in campus leadership role/activity
    • Access to social and cultural events

  4. Preparation for Graduate School Program
    •   Undergraduate research projects and opportunities with SUNY Oswego faculty,
    •   GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT exam preparation,
    •   Assistance with graduate school application
    •   Assistance with fellowship and scholarship application.

How to Join

Joining CSTEP is easy, to be a member you must be:

  • A resident of New York state.
  • Historically underrepresented in math, science, technology, and health-related fields.
  • A full-time student in good academic standing pursing a degree in an eligible major(see list here). 
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

If you meet these guidelines simply:

  1. Pick up an application from the CSTEP office located in 171 Campus Center.
  2. Complete and submit application.
  3. CSTEP staff will review your application and notify you via email for an interview.