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Seung Yeop Paek

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417 Mahar Hall

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Professional Affiliations

● American Society of Criminology

● Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

● Criminal Justice Educators Association of New York State

● Korean Society of Criminology in America

● Asian Criminological Society


● Policing and Private Security

● Security Management

● Cybercrime

● Comparative Criminal Justice

● Organizational Behavior


● Nalla, M.K., Hamm, J.A., Paek, S. Y., Is Police Integrity an Important Predictor of Citizen Satisfaction in Police in Post-colonial Emerging Democracies? The Case of India, Asian Journal of Criminology (2017). 

● Nalla, M.K., Paek, S. Y., Lim, S.S.L., The influence of organizational and environmental factors on job satisfaction among security guards in Singapore, Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology (2016), DOI:10.1177/0004865816647995

Paek, S. Y., Nalla, M.K. (2015). The relationship between receiving phishing attempt and identity theft victimization in South Korea, International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 43(4), 626-642.

● Park, H. H., Oh, G. S., Paek, S. Y. (2012). Measuring the crime displacement and diffusion of benefit effects of open-street CCTV in South Korea.” International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 40(3), 179-191.

● Spink, J., Moyer, D. C., Park, H. H., Wu, Y., Fersht, V., Shao, B., Hong, M., Paek, S. Y., Edelev, D. (2015). Introducing Food Fraud including translation and interpretation to Russian, Korean, and Chinese languages. Food Chemistry, 189, 102-107.


Paek, Seung Yeop (with Carrie Li and Yi-Ting Chua). Correlates of Dating Partner Violence Offending and Victimization Across Nations. American Society of Criminology (2016), New Orleans, LA, November 16.

Paek, Seung Yeop (with Mahesh Nalla). The Effects of Fear of Crime and Perceived Police Effectiveness and Integrity on Citizens' Risk Averse Behavior in an Emerging Democracy, India. American Society of Criminology (2015), Washington, D.C., November 18.

Paek, Seung Yeop (with Mahesh Nalla and Julak Lee). An Examination of Police Officers’ Perception of Identity Theft in South Korea. American Society of Criminology (2014), San Francisco, CA, November 21.

Paek, Seung Yeop (with Mahesh Nalla). Relationship between cyber activity, victimization, and deviant behavior. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (2014), Philadelphia, PA, February 19.  

Paek, Seung Yeop (with Hyeonho Park). Risk Assessment of Street Crime for Systematic Crime Control. AsianCriminological Society 4th Annual Conference (2012), Seoul, South Korea, August 22. 


Ph.D. in Criminal Justice at Michigan State University 

Classes taught

PBJ 101