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What are students saying about the Counseling Services Center?

"The atmosphere is always so positive every time I walk in." - Graduate student

"Sometimes it's easier to tell my problems to somebody who doesn't know the people in my life, so that they can give me feedback that is unbiased." - Senior

"The main office is very warm and comforting, when you take your first steps in you realize its a judgment-free zone." 
- Junior

"It sort of gave me that warm calm feeling that I get from drinking Chai Lattes in a coffee shop" - Graduate student

"I came in as a freshmen to talk about the fears I had about being away from home for the first time. It is so nice to know that as even as a senior, I can still come back here when I am going through stuff that stresses me out" - Senior

"It's kind of cool how my counselor never tells me what to do, but she knows that eventually by us talking out my thoughts, I will discover the right thing for me to do all on my own." - Junior

"I think many people assume that everyone who goes to the counseling center is struggling or unstable, but I went because I realized that I had a very heavy workload and my counselor helped me feel like I could take it head on. Every time I left, I felt like I had just had a pit stop to slow down and then I was able to hop back to it. " - Graduate student

"I go there a few times each semester just to check in with my counselor. It's kind of like going to the doctor for a physical, I just like to take care of my mind and emotions!" - Senior

Comment box: spring 2015 semester

You guys are super fantastic. Keep it up!

You guys rock. There is nothing I can think of to work on because you guys do a perfect job!

I just wanted to thank Craig for making me laugh/ forget about things for a while. As I waited to see a counselor, he was really a positive presence. Thank you so much.

You guys are awesome! J. Thank you for all the help.

Pam really cares about her patients. She takes the time to really get to know you and has made me feel like I have someone I can talk to.  Thanks!

I love my counselor, Pam. She's helped me out so much. I look forward to our sessions. She has made such a difference in my life! She's a great listener, she's funny and friendly. I love her!  J

Not the most specific feedback because I think everything is awesome!

I didn't want to come here, but I met Jane in crisis and really liked her.  We are done for this semester, but even though I'm better, I hope I can see her next year.  Thank you for helping. V-

Thank you for helping me J

 They're so friendly, welcoming and warm. I feel safe here J

 I am an Alumni ('13) and I just wanted to say that the Counseling Center saved my life in more ways than one.  The staff helped me through homesickness, a roommates mental breakdown and the stress of graduation, so I want to thank everyone who is involved in the center, both seen and unseen

 The Counseling Service is amazing.  I always feel welcomed when I walk in. The environment feels very soothing and calming. I really enjoy it here; just sitting in the waiting room puts me at ease.I love talking with my counselor, Pam. She has really helped me. I also love talking to Tanna. She is very welcoming.

I love the cozy and relaxed atmosphere the waiting room has! Thank you for everything you all have done! J

I appreciate the comfortable environment and the staff's willingness to always try and accommodate students, even in unexpected sutuations.  Thanks for always being here and for all that you do!

As there aren't really any truly quiet/relaxing spaces on campus, creating a space where students can come and take a breath would be invaluable.  The offices here are all so inviting and I think that this would be a good place for such a space.  It feels like no matter where you go on campus there's so much noise, so many people and at times when my anxiety gets out of hand, I'd really value somewhere safe-feeling to go.