Scope of Services

Many students requesting individual counseling would benefit from more extended or different types of services from what the CSC can offer. Below are some situations where we would likely need to refer our students to other services. This allows us to ensure that our students have access to the services that will be the right fit:

  • Disorders that require intensive monitoring and treatment

  • Serious and persistent mental health disorders

  • Multiple or recent suicide attempts

  • Chronic non-suicidal self-harm

  • Active psychosis

  • Active eating disorders which present significant medical complications or which have not responded to prior treatment

  • Dependence or active abuse of drugs/alcohol may be referred for specialized services

  • A need for frequent psychiatric attention

It is important to note that the CSC is committed to helping our students, regardless of their mental health concerns. Due to the scope of practice and the brief model that we follow, we work diligently with our students to connect them to the appropriate services in the community if it is more appropriate for them to receive more long-term or intensive treatment than what we can offer at the CSC.