Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

The CSC staff encourage all students who have a prescriber at home to maintain that relationship! We cannot guarantee that you will have access to our psychiatrist, so it is important that you continue medication management through your provider at home.

For students who require psychiatric care, the CSC has a part-time psychiatrist on staff.

Dr. Marija Mutabdzic, MD specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry, and has extensive experience working with the college population. Dr. Mutabdzic has partnered with the CSC for several years and has been in the field of psychiatry for more than 20 years.

Students interested in seeking psychiatric supports must have an established relationship with a counselor in the CSC. At that time, your counselor will use clinical judgment to assist you in assessing whether a psychiatric evaluation may benefit you.

* At this time, the CSC refers to outside resources for ADD/ ADHD evaluations and treatment.